Project Description

The “Automatic VI” is a well-proven grafting machine for vines and other softwoods. The current use in the nursery Wagner leads to further improvements of the devices built since 1975 and developed constantly.

The “Automatic IV” is distinguished by its clear and slim design, featuring however enough mass for a quite run. The long and adjustable blade guide and adjustable cutting depth allow a precise cut and thus correspondingly high grafting quality for many years. Experienced employees achieve more than 1000 grafts/hour.

The model “Automatic IV” uses a two-step cycle, first the scion is placed and cut by pedaling (scion is automatically held in position on the machine). Then the underlay is inserted, cut through the second pedaling and connected to the scion. The grafting process is finished.

  • Handling easy to learn
  • Experienced users can perform 1000 grafts per hour, we are aware about significant higher benefits
  • Multiple adjustable (length of foot pedal, step resistance, cutting depth, …)
  • Foot pedal to release the cutting procedure
  • After 2 sections the grafting is finished
  • For vines and other softwoods
  • Optional operated electro-pneumatic

Working method:

1. First scion is placed on the underlay passing completely through the pedal taking it afterwards completely back. The scion remains in the blade.

2. From the opposite side the underlay is placed on the cutting underlay (same diameter). Then the foot pedal is passed through and taken back again.

3. The graft is finished!