Project Description

The model „Champion B“ differs mainly from the „Champion A“ because of the lighter construction. It also might be operated by tractors with less power featuring the same advantages. Also the field of application is the same. “Champion A” should be preferred for heavy and stony soils. This type is also available in 2 rows with row distances of 1.40 to 3.00 m. 

    • Working depth until 45 cm
    • For plants indicating a length of 90 cm and pots of 4 cm diameter or section
    •  Integrated hydraulic adjustment for planting depth
    •  Hydraulic lateral displacement ± 30 cm
    •  Automatic lateral slope compensation for laser receiver
    • For 2 operators (1-row) / 4 operators (2-rows)
    • Planting system with hydraulic wire drive, planting distances from 85 cm
    • Approved pressure system, continuously adjustable for a tight fit of plants
    • Designed for four-wheel drive tractors with an output of approximately 51 kW (70 hp), 1-row und 2-rows four-wheel drive tractors with an output of approximately 110 kW (150 hp)
    • Weight: ca. 1.200 kg / ca. 2600 kg (1- / 2-rows)
    • Optional:
      • Hydraulic adjustment of front supporting wheels
      • Hydraulic adjustment for planting depth
      • Automatic plant feeding device for plants until 60 cm length. Maximum power ca. 7 km/h featuring 1 m planting distance
      • Lateral milling for heavy soils
      • Hybrid drive (second drive to change with hydraulic wire drive for winding rows and cultivation in terraces)
      • Further options on request