Project Description

Our innovative film laying devices allow optimal covering of earth banks in nurseries and similar cultures, with maximum ground coverage. If perforated or non-perforated films, everything is perfectly laid. And of course exactly straight including a WAGNER-shifting frame including straight forward control (GPS, laser, camera, …).

If required also a tripping hose device will be placed exactly on the bank.

The key advantages of this device are the optional driven forming rolls and the integrated self-regulating film un-rolling device. The forming rolls are creating a high and slim bank and therefore the base for a successful growing. Due to these banks the plants are getting best development opportunities. They warm up quickly, oxygen can penetrate easily and the plants are not in the waterlogging, since the root base of the plant lies above the ground level. Many crops benefit from it! Of course, dam forms are also available according to your wishes.

The self-regulating film un-rolling device allows the operation also in side slope and in windy conditions. It is simply adapted to the bank tolerating also small driving errors of the tractor driver. Also the colocation of the film roll is very easy to handle, the film roll is collocated with counter rollers to both wheels running transversally to the bank. By means of the wheel rotation the film will be threaded.

To increase the performance and efficiency also with concern to subsequent works e.g. with our plant auxiliary device you also may achieve the film up-rolling device in 2 row version.

  • Very high performance
  • Row distance 82 cm up to 100 cm, with 70 cm (also film indicating 80 cm depending on row distance)
  • 2 standard-roll sizes: 14 cm und 19 cm bank height, 20 / 35 cm, 20 / 40 cm bank width
  • Other bank sizes on request
  • Optional with collocation device of dripping hose
  • For the perforation, collocating non-perforated film, perforating wheels are available, e.g. 16 holes/m or 20 holes/m
  • Can be combined with a lateral shifting device and a straight forward control
  • Adjustable weight distribution for the optimal collocation of different film thickness