Project Description

Before harvest starts in the vine nurseries or other cultivations the film has to be removed from the bank and tripping hose must be rolled up.This is done by our hydraulic film up-rolling device in 1-row and multiple row versions.

This versatile auxiliary device is equipped by a hydraulic film tensioning brake being offered as a complete integrated unit with three point hitch or as a built-in unit in the film up-rolling devices. The re-usable tripping hose device is so well accepted that it might be applied without problem in the coming season. (This creates a favorable cost-utility bill).

Of course, all hose and film types, even the non-reusable, can practically and quickly rolled up onto a conical grid roller. To get rid of, the grid roller will be extended and film and hose can be removed. By quick release system to exchange the film roll up shaft into a hose winding up roll of NETAFIM respectively to replace complete spindles/rolls by empty ones. For the operation and control only one operator is required regulating in comfortable sitting position the roll up quality. Also available in reinforced design for wide and re-usable vegetable gardening film.

  • Can be fitted by brackets and plug-in system to any kind of three point hitch frame
  • Effective and simple to operate
  • Adaptor for up and un-rolling drums and wide grid roller for the up-rolling of hoses and flat film.
  • Safety hook to interrupt the oil supply
  • 1-row and multiple rows
  • Hydraulic roll up device with foot pedal
  • Exchangeable spindle/roll
  • Adjustable rotational speed/draft pressure via hydraulic brake
  • Tractor from 37 kW (50 hp)
  • Oil supply from the tractor over grid valve and access for unpressurized oil return, required oil quantity per spindle/roll about 8 l/min
  • Three-point hitch cat I or II
  • Weight depends on the respective equipment and attached frame