Project Description

2005 the satellite controlled Wagner planting machine „IPS-Drive“ has been introduced into the market. This machine represents until today a revolution with concern to vine technology opening complete new possibilities for plantings and additional works including a measuring accuracy of less than 20 mm.

„IPS Drive“: Ideal for long-term cultures planting with high precision for exact lines and transversal lines. Also planting forward/backward it attains exact transversal lines, perfect for transversal cultivations.

  • Appropriate for nearly all field conditions
  • Featuring always vertical plant position
  • Highest attainable planting accuracy by means of GPS
  • No need of time-consuming measuring, only approaching of start- and end point
  • Simple operation and handling
  • No fees incur for the use of GPS
  • Planting velocities until over 4 km/h indicating planting distance of 1,0 m
  • Up to 100% increase of planting performance compared to planting machines controlled by laser
  • Digital adjustment of row and plant distances (plant distance from 60 cm)
  • For 2 operators per row with large supply tables
  • Electro hydraulic adjustment of:
    • Shifting arm for regulation of vertical planting, depending on kind of soil
    • Share depth, enabling uniform plant height
    • Lateral displacement ± 40 cm
    • Lateral slope compensation over pivot (automatically)
    • Vertical compensation for planting system driving up- and downhill (automatically)
  • Planting system with 8 clips, planting distances from 80 cm
  • Weight depending on equipment until 2.000 kg
  • Tractor performance 81 – 147 kW (110 – 200 PS) all wheel drive

The documentation of the planting points which might be saved as Excel-sheet or for visualization of Google-Earth compatible, offers further advantages.