Project Description

This plant lifter features compared to „model B“ an hydraulic drive for the shaking device being driven fully hydraulically.

This increases the features of „model B“ felt by a particularly quiet and gentle operation. Also the performance is a little bit higher because due to the hydraulic components the driving speed and speed of the shaking bares can be finely coordinated. The machine obtains highest efficiency thanks to the availability of 2 seats for 2 operators indicating working speeds of 5 km/h.

Like with all models an additional transversal shaking device can be assembled improving therewith the root cleaning increasing the performance.

  • Top-selling device
  • High working performance of 40.000 plants per hour
  • Complete hydraulic drive for shaking bares and conveyor
  • Hydraulic adjustments for conveyor:

    – up and down and forward and backward

  • Hydraulic lateral displacement of ± 50 cm
  • 1 seat for operator of reception device
  • Designed for all-wheel tractors from 59 kW (80 hp)
  • Weight: ca.1300 kg.


    o Hydraulic transversal shaking device for improved root cleaning and therefore higher performance

    o Second seat for an additional operator of reception device

    o As model D featuring automatic bundling device

    o Supporting wheels (rubber) for height guidance

    o Automatic sensor control for independent row guidance

    o Video eye and monitor for tractor driver