Project Description

The plant lifter „ model D“ is nearly similar in construction with „model C“.

As completion a bundling device with all attachment and drive modifications is included. The bundles only must be collected and transported.Changing the sort bundling can be released manually.

  • Automatic bundling device
  • One- or two-rows
  • High working performance of 40.000 plants per hour
  • Complete hydraulic drive for shaking bares and conveyor
  • Hydraulic adjustments fort he conveyor:

    – up and down and forward and backward

  • Bundling device can be adjusted in inclination and height facilitating the adaption to root length and plants
  • Hydraulic lateral displacement of ± 50 cm
  • Designed for all-wheel tractors from 66 kW (90 PS)
  • Weight: ca.1.500 kg
  • Options:

    o Hydraulic transversal shaking device for improved root cleaning

    o Reception device for platform (plant forwarding)

    o Supporting wheels (rubber) for height guidance

    o Automatic sensor control for independent row guidance

    o Video eye and monitor for tractor driver