Project Description

The model „XL“ represents a performance improved variant of Model G“. It features the same share size like model G. The frame is reinforced and stabilized. The plough has additionally been equipped by a stronger hydraulic system (gear drive and pump) for the double spin roll. This allows the application of this device by more powerful tractors, even in difficult circumstances, in continuous operation.

As “XLII” also this model can be equipped by a second centrifugal spin roll facilitating a higher performance as well as for a better soil preparation. Both centrifugal spin rolls are placed on longer linkages being hydraulically adjustable in height.

  • Construction size like model G, but with reinforced frame and additionally with larger sized board hydraulic system with oil tank and integrated oil cooling
  • Tare weight depending on spin roll equipment 1,9 until 2 t
  • For all-wheel tractors of 132 kW (180 HP) until 228 kW (310 HP)
  • With integrated high performance gear pump
  • For PTO shaft revolution speed 540 min-1 or 1000min-1 selectable
  • It is driven by a drive shaft
  • Share width: 130 cm
  • Working width: ca. 120 cm
  • Max. working depth: ca. 60 cm