Project Description

In the course of current improvements of different generation of the „Automatic IV“ the idea of a 1-cut grafting machine was born. Thus 2002 the grafting machine “Omega 1-cut“ was introduced into the market. It is able to realize both working processes of „Automatic IV“ by 1 pedal step. This results in a saving 50% of foot motions. By only 1 cut rootstock and scion are affiliated with each other. With this development it has been considered to adopt all positive properties of the approved “Automatic IV”. This device offers the same extensive adjustments to obtain continuously a perfect graft.

With the Omega 1-cut“ it is possible to graft in 2 ways. In the traditional way where the Omega nose is located on the scion or vice versa, the Omega nose is close to the rootstock, as it is partially exercised in some countries. .

  • Graft is finished in only 1 step
  • Saving 50% of foot motions
  • Adjustable foot lever to release cutting process
  • Adjustment for blade guidance, the cutting depth, step resistance and foot pedal
  • For vines and other soft woods
  • Positive properties of the „Automatic IV“ are adopted
  • 2 possible mode of operations:

    – traditional: Omega-nose is at the scion

    – optional: Omega-nose is at the rootstock

  • All in all it runs more quite than the Automatic IV

The working method of „Omega 1-cut“:

Here scion and rootstock are centered on top of each other.

Then the foot pedal is depressed only once all the way forward and then again completely fetched. Done!

The half foot motions are saved!

The average performance is about 30% higher than by the “Automatic IV”.