Project Description

The „Rebenmax“ is a versatile fully automatic auxiliary device for root cutting, cleaning grafting points, cooling plants, counting and collecting for bundling for out bedded vines/plants indicating a length until 50 cm. It provides a coordinate, smooth process of plant treatment after harvesting. The operators only have to feed provided clips with vines/plants. The re-cutting of sprouts at the graft points can manually be realized by the operators at the conveyor. Afterwards the grafting point will be inserted into a temperate bath of paraffin indicating electronic temperature control. Each plant is waxed separately resulting in a perfect, closed, thin wax film. Then the vine/plant passes for cooling through a water bath. The vines/plants ready for sale are forwarded automatically in 25 batches (adjustable batches) for bundling.

  • Double application: Also applicable in spring time for the treatment of the grafts before planting. (advantage: each plant is waxed individually, therefore

    the wax film is thinner)

  • Optional equipment- double clips – for nearly the double performance
  • Root cutting, waxing grafts, cooling, counting and collecting for bundling – fully automatic!
  • The operators only need to feed the clips by verified vines
  • Each plant will be waxed separately, cooled immediately in water bath for a perfect all around wax bath
  • Vines ready for sale are automatically forwarded to the person who bundles vines in 25 batches
  • Nine operators are able to work simultaneously at the standard device
  • Adjustable insertion guide rail, the upper insertion guide rail serves as indication, to regulate immersion depth of paraffin and waxing bath
  • Available equipment:

    o Brushes to clean graft points

    o Immersion bath for root liquid or similar

  • Standard length. 650 cm; width ca. 190 cm.
  • Waxing device and power unit require a 400 supply voltage