Project Description

Perfect for the planting and re-planting in tree and vine nurseries. Applied as a simple planting machine especially in steeps. As planting auxiliary device it does not feature any planting system. The plants are simply placed into the ground. An adjustable guiding aide is defining plant height and the center.

Also the optional lateral displacement can be equipped by a GPS control. Therewith also by the „Universal VII“ straightaway rows are obtainable. The pressure wheels, adjustable in pressure are available in different models for different kind of plant type. 

  • By hand both operators are able to insert a variety of plant types through the share into the ground keeping them until the plants are smashed
  • 1 planting share 70 mm wide
  • 2 cushioned seats for the operators
  • 2 baskets for the plants optionally for 2 or 1 plant and for stakes
  • Optional indication for planting distance
  • No planting system:

– the operators are placing plants on the ground furrow

– keeping planting distances by planting distance bands

  • Weight: ca. 380 kg
  • Featuring optional colocation of dripping hose
  • Possibility to plant in predetermined distances:1. Above mentioned planting distance band. Depending on planting distance a certain band is required.

    2. For larger plants featuring at least 30 cm over the ground. A bar adjustable to the rear, featuring transversally a sensing finger. Each time when the sensingfinger touches the inserted plant, an acoustical signal results for the following plant.

    3. A following wheel featuring different transmissions indicates the distances acoustically.