California – satellite controlled planting machine

On 27th of February 2015 the field demonstration of our satellite controlled planting machine takes places in Huron Ca on the corner of Lassen Ave. and Jayne Ave.


Plantings realized in the region of Coalinga, Earlimart, Estancia, etc. impressed the respective Vineyard managers and Estate Owners.


If a Vineyard manager is convinced that the planting machine provides a quality which can not be reached by hand, it delivers a good argument to perform also future plantings by such a machine.


The GPS controlled planting machine actually located in California is already booked for other plantings this spring. Vines will be planted together with long bamboo stakes.



The elaborate measurement before planting is performed by the machine. Taking only 3 reference points facilitates that by means of the planting machine’s software field layout is determined and the planting is directly aligned to the existing risers for drip line in a few minutes.


If you are interested in seeing the planting machine in operation, please contact Thomas Oppenlander by phone +1-905-651-6514 or by e-mail:


As of the 23rd of February 2015 he will be back in California to realize the planting at Coalinga.


On 27th of February at 9:00 a.m. the field demonstration will take place on the corner of Lassen Ave. and Jayne Ave. in Huron Ca. Interested persons may take a look at the planting machine in operation, receiving extensive information. Further outdoor demonstrations can take place on 26th of February, 1st and 2nd of March 2015. If you are interested please contact Thomas Oppenlander.


Would you like to install a vineyard to be convinced of the planting quality realized by a Wagner planting machine? Then contact Thomas Oppenlander in time or come directly into contact with us As of 06th of March the planting machine can be used for further plantings.