The „Champion“ among the versatile planting machines.

The range consists of high quality planting machines, which are able to grow efficiently and accurately (almost) all from 10 cm length. The model family includes Champion Balance, Champion A, Champion B und Champion Kompakt. All are equipped with a hydraulic planting depth adjustment, hydraulic side shift and a circular planting system with hydraulic wire drive. Exact planting distances, even with changing speeds by means of a planting system with hydraulic wire drive are possible. If exact transversal lines shall be achieved you have to plant just from1 field side. Planting distances from 40 cm are possible, row distances depend on the tractor width.

For all plants from 10 cm until 4 m length.
Appropriate for several straight forward control.
Special requests and client requests can be considered.

The performance of the Champion series:

We are offering planting machines in 4 standard construction types depending on equipment and size.
Planting distances from 40 cm We are able to consider client requests like planting distances 200 cm however make the realization difficult and individually it might be necessary to operate an intermediate frame.

Applicable for plantings of cultures like:

Vines (usual length 23 until 50 cm)
High grafted vines until 120 cm
Cardboard vines (vines in pots)
Olive trees, traditional up to high sensitive plantings are possible
Fruit trees (until ca.: 3 – 4 m length) Different equipment is possible for mentioned plant types also adaptions to special sizes are possible.

Control systems for straight forward control

– Sensor
– Camera-system
– Laser-control
– GPS-control