The satellite controlled planting machine „IPS “ represents since 2005 until today a revolution in the planting technology. It opened up new ways of planting and subsequent work including a measurement accuracy of the highest class „RTK“.

10 years later follows a new generation of IPS-Drive. With new software and hardware, new drive concept and many detail improvements it represents the new head of precise planting machines. First, this control is used only by the special IPS- Drive with additional equipment for pressing piles.(IPS Drive-Fr). The planting software of the second generation however can be applied by all IPS- Drive planting machines. Also all previous IPS-Drive planting machines can be changed to the new software of the second generation.

At the same time, as a retrofit kit “IPS-Drive-N”, the new control facilitates the possibility to change economically old laser-guided planting machines to a modern GPS control.