First developed for the own vine nursery. The new technology provided a much more economic production, the performance per hour increased about more than the double. As already back then it is applied to graft vines and similar soft woods of 0,6 cm until 1,6 cm thickness. About 1000 times approved we are offering 2 different grafting machines.

Also the technology around the grafting machines like grafting table, rootstock counter box and waxing devices are included into our range of products.
The basis for the world wide success of WAGNER-grafting machines are the well thought-out details. They are leading to high performance and best quality.
Each machine features an ergonomic and work optimized foot pedal, adaptable multiply to the operator.
A slim construction, inclination to the back, the large passage between cutting base and blade. The small cutting base brings scion and rootstock closer to the grafting point releasing the cutting quickly to the ground. The precise guidance of the blade and the adjustable and lockable stop for the scion are the base for a good quality.
Especially profitable: The cutting depth is adjustable, reducing weight for the blade prolonging therewith corresponding lifetime.

Also the security has been considered, the excellent clarity, which facilitates to have an eye on the grafting blades, grafting point and all moving parts avoiding herewith injuries. Both grafting models are working according to the principle of the OMEGA cut.

However both models are differing in handling and comfort.