History of Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH


Based on the experiences won in his own vine nursery Mr. Jürgen Wagner developed the first automatic mechanical grafting machine „Automatik I“ with Omega cut and introduced it into the market. For this purpose, the Wagner GmbH is founded as a precursor of WAGNER PFLANZEN-TECHNIK GMBH. Also the first controlled planting machine providing accurate planting has been built. It did not feature any planting system but a hydraulic lateral displacement. A pendulum control is aligned with the wire which is collocated in the field operating the lateral shifting and facilitating straight plant rows. Acoustic signals are released by a hydraulic wire drive to maintain the planting distances.



The planting machines are equipped by a so-called chain planting system where clips are placing the plants automatically in adjusted distance into the ground. By these machines for the first time vines are not manually brought into the ground. Some of the machines sold at the beginning are still operated in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the USA. It has been recognized that vines planted by Wagner planting machines are growing better than planted by previous planting methods.



The grafting machine „Automatik II“ will be produced. The planting machine is improved.



First plant lifters are built, still without conveyor.


Innovations in the planting machine technology lead to a significant improvement in performance. The new laser control eliminates the need for laying out control wires, bringing higher accuracy and more comfort. The construction of single-row combination devices for the cultivation of nurseries starts. The three functions soil treatment, leave cutting and spraying are combined in one device.



The performance of the planting machines still increases due to the simultaneous operation of 2 users. The first film laying devices for laying out plastic in nurseries are built.



Three row machines are providing more power impact in larger areas.



The Association for Technology and Construction notes, after many years of review: best planting method under 12 different planting methods. In a five-year carried out investigation growing and growth of the vines were observed and evaluated.



The first plant lifters to take out the young vines in vine nurseries are introduced into the market. Also tree nurseries bought these plant lifters.



The first breaker ploughs are constructed and built. They are facilitating the first continuous cleaning method being significantly much more economic than other methods. Belgian Gold Award for the perfect planting of fruit trees. Perfectly straight rows and transverse lines were decisive.



Planting machines are equipped by an automatic lateral slope compensation for laser receiver increasing therewith accuracy in parallel planted rows. Award “Planting in perfection” by Research Institute of Horticulture, wine and fruit growing in Weinsberg.



The planting of roadside trees until 5 m length by the planting machine “Universal” featuring an 80 cm wide planting share allows to enter the domain of tree nurseries. The first planting machine of type „Champion“ is developed and delivered to the Champagne in France. The chain planting system is replaced by a so-called rotary planting system. The planting distances can quickly be adjusted increasing simultaneously the working speed.



The first auxiliary vine sorting device to sort vines after verification of grafting points is built. Meanwhile, the family of planting machines has grown to 12 versions.



The first planting machines are equipped by a hydraulic adjustment of planting angle. Therewith the vertical position of vines or other plants can be adjusted and adopted to different area and soil conditions. Once more planting quality of our machines has been increased.


The various summarized activities of the Wagner GmbH, such as engineering, nursery, contractors and viticulture are separated and transferred to independent companies. Machine construction is continued under the name WAGNER Pflanzen-Technik GMBH.



The first film laying-device is built. With the planting machine the plastic film is unwound and depending on plant size slotted in adjusted planting distance. Subsequently, the plants can be inserted through the foil into the soil. The digital control allows the planting of two alternating distances in a regular sequence.



From now on film laying devices can optionally be adjusted by PTO shaft drive for bank forming rolls. Thus the banks are getting firmer and higher (ca. 20 cm) shaped having a positive affect by a series of agronomic and technical advantages to the cultivation and growing success of vine nurseries.



The new production hall is put into operation. The first planting machines of type “Balance” are built. By means of double lateral slope compensation and up- and downwards driving vines/plants are always standing vertically. Thus a multi-function planting machine has been developed which also facilitates to plant vine and stake simultaneously, to lay dripping water hose, watering and fertilizing and herbicide spraying. 3 Universal lateral displacements for the control of different attachments are available in 5 sizes. The first experiments with satellite controls start.



For the planting of olive trees of the new generation, this means Olivo Super Intensivo“ a planting machine has been developed able to place in pre-formed banks small olive plants in pots and stakes of about 2.5 m into the ground indicating a planting depth of 50 cm.



Another hall is built being used for exhibition and production. Our first pre-series of the satellite controlled planting machine IPS-Drive will be presented at the fair FERCAM in Spain being awarded as the most important innovation with the gold medal. At the exhibition in Bordeaux it is decorated by a „Citation“.



For the successful introduction of our electric drive “Volta Drive” we get the SUCCESS 2005 award.



Development of the auxiliary vine sorting device “Rebenmax”. A project, started already in the early 90s, was followed up again and led to the introduction of a simple, robust and compact constructed device. It was well received by the market because it concentrates the whole workflow to a central point. Of course, also the development of these devices has proceeded and in the meantime it can be applied in spring for the grafts and in autumn for young uprooted vines having therefore a double benefit for the user.



For row cultivations WAGNER offers a multiple Net Protection System (Whailex) installed in only one work process. It delivers protection against birds, wind, hailstorm, wasps and animal games offering a big facilitation with concern to the tacking work. Sprouts are growing straight and airily to the top.



A new generation of precision planting machines is developed. Linear guided clip systems are providing even under very bad planting conditions a perfect result pressing simultaneously planting bares and small stakes into the ground-floor.



Under the name IPS-Drive_FR the new generation of precision planting machines obtains marketability being introduced into the market 2014. At the same time a GPS- retrofit system for older Wagner planting machines and machines from other manufacturers is available. At the end of 2013 the first planting machines are rebuilt. Our activities with Whailex Net Protection System have been stopped at the end of 2013.